PJ SOLOMON is an investment banking advisory firm that provides strategic advisory services to chief executive officers and senior management, owners of public and private companies, boards of directors, and special committees. Our full suite of advisory services includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring and Capital Markets across a range of industry verticals. We provide clients with strategic solutions focused on generating growth and long-term shareholder value. In our Restructuring practice, PJ SOLOMON advises debtors, creditors, equity committees, governments, labor unions and various other claimants. PJ SOLOMON also advises clients in accessing the public capital markets as well as highly tailored, bespoke capital from specialty lenders, hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Our goal is to bring the partnership’s collective wisdom and knowledge to reach the optimum value of a transaction and to create an enduring advisory relationship. Our advice is grounded in intellectual integrity and free from conflicts of interest. To date, the firm has successfully completed over 500 strategic and financial advisory assignments.

The firm represents a broad range of industries including:


Founded in 1989, PJ SOLOMON was the first private independent investment banking firm created to incorporate the ethos and culture of the traditional investment banks with the entrepreneurial spirit of a collective partnership. For nearly three decades, we have served as a trusted advisor on a number of sector-defining transactions. Our clients represent leaders in their industries, ranging from multinational, large-capitalization corporations to smaller, fast-growth companies.

In June 2016, PJ SOLOMON entered into an alliance with Natixis, a French financial services firm owned by Groupe BPCE, France’s second largest financial institution, to create an enhanced global M&A advisory and financing platform. This latest development in our history offers several valuable opportunities, enabling PJ SOLOMON to continue providing the experience of a boutique culture, with a mandate for dynamic growth, leveraging Natixis’ global relationships and significant capital markets capabilities – all to better serve our clients.