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Balance of Outrage

The spreading protests of “Occupy Wall Street” may become a significant political force. What began as a rag tag band of middle class college age youths agitating against capitalism is galvanizing Main Street’s feelings of helplessness. With 14 million officially unemployed and another 5 million probably no longer seeking work;... Read More

Iraq and Afghanistan: Impressions by Peter J. Solomon

Earlier this month, I spent a week with a delegation from the Council on Foreign Relations and under the auspices of the Central Command meeting with military and civilian leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan, including General David Petraeus. We travelled by C-130 aircraft, Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters and armored vans. We visited Baghd... Read More

Embracing Conflicts: A Bad Business Strategy, by Peter J. Solomon

Goldman Sachs may or may not be guilty of fraud as alleged by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The legal issue centers on whether Goldman had to disclose that a prominent institutional investor had selected mortgages to be sold to other institutional investors. "Disclosure" is the central issue in this case. There is a much more basic bus... Read More

IDD: A Call to Action by Peter J. Solomon

The debate over the bureaucratic location and independence of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency as part of the financial reform bill raises legitimate concerns about the relationship of consumer advocacy to the “safety” and “soundness” of the credit system. Consumers, however, were certainly abused, and the existing ... Read More