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Campeau Redux? Commentary by Peter J. Solomon

Campeau Redux? Commentary by Peter J. Solomon

What's the big surprise? Commentators can't stop bemoaning the fate of department stores. But as a concept, department stores have been losing market share since the 1950s when their share of retail sales was over 60%. Their dominance grew from a number of factors, only one of which related to marketing or merchandise. Their initial hold o... Read More

Peter J. Solomon on House Republicans' proposed Border Tax

Peter J. Solomon on House Republicans' proposed Border Tax

In the letter below, PJ SOLOMON Founder and Chairman and former Counselor to the United States Treasury, Peter J. Solomon, responds to views put forward by Economist Martin Feldstein in his January 5, 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal concerning House Republicans' proposed border tax adjustment that would exempt exports and tax imp... Read More

View from the Back Nine

    New Years is a reflective time. When I left my office just before Christmas, I thought of the 50 times I have left an office at year's end. What's different about the 12 months that passed? What have I not accomplished in the past year? What lies ahead?     Celebrating a 75th birthday didn't seem l... Read More

FT: The Psychiatrist of Finance

By David Gelles On a recent afternoon in midtown Manhattan, Peter J. Solomon was walking along Madison Avenue with Ken Berliner, his friend and the president of his eponymous boutique investment bank. As the two men strode past luxury shops they saw one of their top young associates, a woman with enormous promise, walking towards them. Her hea... Read More

All Things Considered by Peter J. Solomon

When the presidential campaign started, I told my wife that I wasn’t sure I would vote for President Obama until I was confronted by the reality of a voting machine. I harbored too many doubts about his leadership and Governor Romney is a qualified candidate. In the end, my qualms would be overcome by the fears of Governor Romney’s C... Read More

Huffingtonpost: Conflicts: No Ambiguity

The most surprising facts about Greg Smith's denunciation of Goldman Sachs' ethos and its disdain of its clients is that he had the audacity to write what is common knowledge, and the New York Times printed it. Media, academic and elected officials have jumped on the article to reinforce their previously held views on everything from the state o... Read More