Media Monthly

Featuring the research and insights of PJ SOLOMON's Technology, Media & Telecommunications team, the Media Monthly summarizes the latest headlines and highlights in media and technology market activity. Drawing upon case studies, company financial performance, recent news and transactions, and PJ SOLOMON's own proprietary analysis, the Media Monthly covers the industry news you need to know.

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PJ SOLOMON Leveraged Company Watchlist

PJ SOLOMON's Leveraged Company Watchlist is compiled every month by Anders Maxwell, Managing Director, who focuses on corporate restructuring and strategic sales. Beginning with the universe of publicly traded equities in the United States, Canada and Western Europe, Anders screens companies using a variety of financial metrics. For example, listees must have a total enterprise value greater than $100 million, and a ratio of total funded debt to Ebitda of greater than five (or negative Ebitda over the last 12 months). The report is meant to serve as a timely snapshot of the industry.

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Our New York City and New York State Tax Guides

In 2010 Peter Solomon commissioned Marilyn M. Rubin, Professor of Public Administration and Economics at John Jay College, to prepare Guides on New York City and New York State taxes. Included is a review of the history of New York taxes, their rates and bases and who pays them, as well as a comprehensive and comprehensible report on city and state taxes. The guides are intended to allow more informed policy decisions and a better understanding of the effect of changes.

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